Pompes Flux pour le secteur agricole


L'agriculture moderne exige une organisation pour équilibrer au mieux la charge de travail des exploitations d'un point de vue économique et écologique. C'est là que nos pompes apportent leur contribution. Elles fonctionnent de manière efficace et durable et se révèlent aussi performantes pour le remplissage, la vidange ou le dosage de carburants, d'engrais ou de pesticides que pour le fluide le plus important de la production agricole : le lait.

Que le média soit peu visqueux, visqueux ou pâteux, nos solutions garantissent des normes d'hygiène élevées et un process continu optimisé en terme d'ergonomie de travail, ce qui facilite la rentabilité de l'exploitation agricole.

Exemples d'applications :

  • AdBlue®
  • Diesel
  • Fertilisants
  • Fuels
  • Lait
  • Pesticides

*AdBlue® est une marque déposée de: Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA) *

Application descriptions

Filling and mixing of various pesticides

Various low-viscosity pesticides require mixing and filling into batching tanks. The customer is looking for a pump that can both mix and pump these liquids.

Drum pump F 426 for mixing and/or pumping
Commutator motor F 457
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Our F 426 drum pump is ideal for mixing and/or pumping diverse media.

With the F 426, the various pesticides, which are prone to rapid separation, can be kept moving even during the pumping process.

Operation is simple: The F426 drum pump is placed in the particular container to be emptied and started up. The operator can choose between three operating modes and these can be switched during operation as well:

  1. Pump
  2. Pump and mix
  3. Occasionally mix only
Filling of an animal attractant

An extremely sticky and viscous wild boar attractant requires filling into 5 l containers from a 1000 l IBC. Given the strong odour and stickiness, this must be achieved with as few emissions as possible and without "spilling" the medium.

Eccentric worm-drive pump F 550 GS 
Commutator motor F 457
Flow meter FMO 104 S 
FSV 100 switched-mode amplifier
Overflow valve
Chemical hose
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Our F 550 GS series eccentric worm-drive pumps are the perfect solution for sticky, viscous media, such as the wild boar attractant in this case.

The F 550 GS series have intermediate gearing to reduce the speed and are designed for a relatively lightweight AC motor. In particular, this makes it easy to position the eccentric worm-drive pump in the IBC, in the drum, or in another take-away container.

An optional fitted stainless steel FMO 104 flowmeter, equipped with our FLUXTRONIC® evaluation electronics and the appropriate switched-mode amplifier, would enable automation of the filling process. The customer can predefine the desired quantity using the evaluation electronics and can then fill at the push of a button. This process can be repeated until all of the vessels have been filled.

Refuelling agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles require refuelling with diesel or vegetable oil from IBCs or drums in the farmyard or in the field.

Drum pump F 430 Al with mechanical seal
Commutator motor FEM 4070 
Hose and pump nozzles
Optional: FMC flowmeter
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
The F 430 type FLUX drum pumps make it possible for agricultural firms to set up their own vehicle "filling station" directly in the farmyard or even in a field. The drum pumps, made from thick-walled aluminium, are ideal for diesel and vegetable oil. They are simply inserted into the IBC or drum. A 230 V mains power supply is sufficient.

Alternatively, for smaller fill quantities, FLUX can also be provided with a battery motor combined with the COMBIFLUX FP 314. This makes refuelling directly in the field possible.

Refuelling is also possible using the hose and pump nozzle fitted to the drum pump. Of course, for the aforementioned fuels, we also provide self-closing pump nozzles as well which, like at a filling station, close automatically when the tank is full.

Our FMC flow meter can also be installed between the drum pump and hose to display the delivery quantity continuously. This enables the user to dispense the exact quantity they require.